About the Artist


My name is Marni and I am the artist behind the shells!

I have been painting for 25 years. Art has always been part of my life but then came career, life, marriage, 2 kids, and just the day to day busy life.  Painting took a backseat for many years.

Life took an unexpected turn in March 2020 when my brother Marc was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer completely unexpectedly. He quickly declined and passed away 2 months later on May 16, 2020. Marc was an avid surfer on Long Island, a mastering artist and musician, and he lived every day to the absolute fullest... with this loss came a major reassessment of my life!!!

In my grief, I also felt inspired to LIVE MY LIFE with NO REGRETS. After a summer full of beach visits and tributes for Marc, I found my house filled with shells from his LI surfing spots. Something (probably Marc) led me to start back with my art. I had the idea to use one of my many shells as my canvas and I made a gift for my friends birthday; a jewelry dish for a necklace I bought her. This one thought turned into a few friends and family seeing and wanting their own shell.

Now, with my business officially formed in October 2020, I have NOT stopped! I have created hundreds upon hundreds of shells for local stores, custom orders, shipping all over the country and Long Island.

I travel miles and miles on the shores of Long Island, hand picking each shell which range in sizes from 1”-6” all hand painted with the option of custom ordering or adding a photo overlay of the customer's favorite photo.  Popular choices are memorials of loved ones, pets, engagement/wedding, family, favorite scenes and tributes.

I have learned that with struggle comes triumph “for tomorrow may rain so I’ll follow the sun.”

Thanks for reading my story!

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