Painting for 25 years, art has always been part of Marni’s life but then came career, life, marriage, 2 kids, and just the day to day busy life.  Painting took a backseat for many years.

Life took an unexpected turn in March 2020 when Marni’s brother Marc was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer completely unexpectedly. He quickly declined and passed away 2 months later on May 16, 2020. Marc was an avid surfer on Long Island, a mastering artist and musician, and he lived every day to the absolute fullest... with this loss came a major reassessment of Marni’s life!!!

In her grief, she felt inspired to LIVE HER LIFE with NO REGRETS. After a summer full of beach visits and tributes for Marc, she found her house filled with shells from his LI surfing spots. Something (probably Marc) led her to start back with her art. She had the idea to use one of her many shells as a canvas and she made a gift for a friends birthday. This one thought turned into a few friends and family seeing and wanting their own shell.

Now, with a business officially formed in October 2020, she has NOT stopped! Marni has created thousands of shells for local stores, custom orders and has shipped all over the country.

Marni travels for miles on the shores of Long Island, hand picking each shell which range in size from 1”to 6” which are all hand painted with the option of custom ordering or adding a photo overlay of a client supplied photo.  Popular choices are memorials of loved ones, pets, engagement/wedding, family, favorite scenes and tributes.

Marni has expanded her painting to many other surfaces for commission work including porcelain, wood, glass, canvas, furniture, and murals through NY. 

Marni has learned that with struggle comes triumph “for tomorrow may rain so I’ll follow the sun.”